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  • Qantas makes changes at the top

    QANTASS $2 billion cost-cutting program has come at a high price for two of the groups most senior executives. Qantas International boss Simon Hickey and Qantas Domestic chief Lyell Strambi will both leave the airline to seek new opportunities elsewhere, it was announced late yesterday. EARLIER: United Airlines passengers endure the day from hell The

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  • The ultra-rich are just different

    THE rich sure are different from you and Mark Mascia. His middle-class upbringing in leafy Connecticut hadnt prepared the money man for the rarefied world of unimaginable wealth. Mascia, 33, raised $50 million in 2006 for a private-equity fund specialising in white-hot commercial real estate for wealthy investors. When its annualised returns soared as high

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