Sunday, 25/9/2022 | 2:55 UTC+0

Good Mobile-App Developer Sought by Google

It was reported that Google is seeking mobile app developers for its Android OS as it keeps to brave rival Apple’s iOS and the trendy devices running on it.

Google’s product management director Benjamin Ling is heading an effort to win-over software engineers, user interface specialists and product managers to join the Google team.

Some existing workers have changed company positions to join the app development. It will extend across Google’s global offices and tackle all from games similar to Angry Birds and check-in apps like Foursquare. Promotional ads say the ensuing apps will likely be free in order to generate revenue.

The mobile rivalry between Google and Apple has been heated up with Google closing in on Apple in the smartphone industry. It is said that Motorola Xoom, a Google tablet that runs on Honeycomb (tablet OS) is a threat to Apple’s iPad.

Apple is soon to be offered on Verizon. Over 350,000 paid and free iPhone and iPad apps may be availed of at Apple App store. Over 10 billion have already been downloaded from July 2008, the store’s launch. It is an industry norm that the more apps offered for a certain device, the higher number of likely buyers the device may attract.

Less than 130,000 apps are featured at present on Google’s Android Market, however, a report said that the offerings supply increased by 500%. Apple’s App Store’s offerings rose by 110%. This seems to say that developers welcome Android.

Aside from rivalries over devices, the mobile app market is predicted by Gartner to generate $15 billion revenues in 2011, downloads would double from 8.2 billion last year to 17.2 billion.



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