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  • Qantas makes changes at the top

    QANTASS $2 billion cost-cutting program has come at a high price for two of the groups most senior executives. Qantas International boss Simon Hickey and Qantas Domestic chief Lyell Strambi will both leave the airline to seek new opportunities elsewhere, it was announced late yesterday. EARLIER: United Airlines passengers endure the day from hell The

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  • The dirty truth behind cheap oil

    OIL prices are at their lowest level since 2009, which is good news for drivers. But behind the scenes is a dirty battle for domination which will impact on us all. Heres the good oil and the bad on the worlds stocks of black gold. EARLIER: Why they have us over a barrel   Why

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  • The ultra-rich are just different

    THE rich sure are different from you and Mark Mascia. His middle-class upbringing in leafy Connecticut hadnt prepared the money man for the rarefied world of unimaginable wealth. Mascia, 33, raised $50 million in 2006 for a private-equity fund specialising in white-hot commercial real estate for wealthy investors. When its annualised returns soared as high

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  • AMR Corporation Making a Way around Bankruptcy

    On Tuesday, American Airlines parent company joined those that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. High fuel prices, over $800 million labor costs and competitors winning the airline’s business travelers over caused its defeat. Despite the filed bankruptcy with a cash stockpile of $4.1 billion, the company said buying new aircraft from Boeing and Airbus is

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  • Despite Slow Growth, Chinese Economy Seen to Recoil

    China remains resilient despite slow growth weighed down by Beijing’s anti-inflation drive and low global demand. Urbanization continues and stronger domestic consumption is providing support. Thursday’s factory sector strength showed emboldened China bears. Cynics who foresee a sudden economic slowdown may have underestimated Beijing’s quick reaction in reviving growth in case needed. Inflation is seen

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  • Residential Solar Projects Sponsored by Google

    Google Inc will sponsor SolarCity’s $280 million residential solar power systems project that will install roof solar panels for thousands of homeowners. This will be Google’s largest single clean energy investment that will help people who don’t wish to dole out a large amount for a solar energy system. This also brings Google’s clean technology

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  • Bill Gates and Baidu to Build Their First Project Against Smokers

    Chairman Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp and Robin Li, CEO of China’s giant search engine Baidu, will join forces to form an alliance for public health. Their first project together under Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Baidu Charitable Foundation is to push for cessation of smoking habit among smokers. Bill Gates said the many

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  • Citigroup Bank Card Data Hacked, Late to Notify Consumers

    It is hard to understand why the security breach wasnt disclosed to consumers affected, sooner. Citigroup Inc said names, account numbers and contact information of 200,000 North American bank card holders have been hacked. Discovered in May, this is the latest of a series of cyber attacks on major companies. But Citi assured that there

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  • If Unrest Hits Saudi Arabia, Oil May Jump To $200

    Despite concerns that hover over the finance industry, strong markets tend to remain calm. However, when it was hinted that unrest could reach Saudi Arabia, investors became worried. It is because any possibility of unrest hitting Saudi Arabia could spell major ruin. While the problem is yet to actually be seen, uncertainties have already caused

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  • Bill Limiting EPA Carbon Rules Introduced by Republicans

    A bill preventing the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating emissions said to be the cause of global warming was presented to Republicans of Congress’ chambers. The bill, Energy Tax Prevention Act, was introduced by House Energy and the Commerce Committee chairman Representative Fred Upton. Officials said any bill obstructing the agency from dealing with the

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