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  • Hacker Selling Government Websites For Under $500

    On Thursday, security vendor Imperva stumbled on a hacker’s offer in an underground forum in the black market of a U.S. Army’s Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) website for less than US$500. Imperva’s senior security strategist Noa Bar-Yosef said the hacker claims websites control that includes military, government and universities sites. The price: $33 to $499 depending

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  • New Ways Used by Egyptians to Get Online Minus the Internet

    A ‘We Rebuild’ activist tweeted on Friday that when countries block, they evolve; indicating how Egyptians found ways to remain connected globally. To keep information circulating, they utilized landline phones, fax machines and ham radio. While ISP Noor Group continued operating, the rest were ordered by the Egyptian government to shut down on Thursday. Some

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  • Good Mobile-App Developer Sought by Google

    It was reported that Google is seeking mobile app developers for its Android OS as it keeps to brave rival Apple’s iOS and the trendy devices running on it. Google’s product management director Benjamin Ling is heading an effort to win-over software engineers, user interface specialists and product managers to join the Google team. Some

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  • Massive Passive Profit Your Complete Internet Marketing Solution

    The online market is flooded with tons of software that is described as an internet marketing solution. Some of this software is found to be very beneficial; however, as a marketer, you still have to do the routine tasks of maintaining your websites, creating content and building lists and links to be able to drive

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  • Citigroup Finally Released From The Governments Cradle

    Citigroup Inc., after finally gaining its freedom from U.S. government support, may already compete for business. According to Michael Holland, Chairman of money manager Holland & Co., which is a stockholder of Citigroup said, CEO Vikram Pandit and his assistants had to have sighed in relief. They can now deal like a business rather than

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  • Bank Of Americas Documents to be Released, Assange says

    Juian Assange founder of WikiLeaks, who previously said in 2009 that he had a hard drive from an executive of Bank of America corp., told Forbes magazine that his group will unfold documents from a U.S. bank next year. Assange said in an interview with Computerworld magazine in Oct. 9, 2009, that they were in

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