Friday, 9/12/2022 | 2:06 UTC+0

U.S. Suspects China of Hacking Lockheed Martin

Both Lockheed and Google believe the recent attacks on each company respectively came from China.

Cyber security experts in the U.S. said tracing the origin of attacks such as the one done to Lockheed Martin is difficult. Hackers have found sophisticated ways to cover their tracks. The attack made on Lockheed forced the company to stop its employees in accessing remote company networks. However, a U.S. official who has knowledge of the probe’s progress stated that there is a growing suspicion that the Lockheed hacking originated from someone in China. Another official said its unclear at this point precisely who conducted the attacks, but given past history with these sorts of things, theres a strong tendency to look east, to a country that not so long ago hosted the Olympics.

It is the same suspicion that Google mentioned about the hacking incident that targeted some of its Gmail account holders that included accounts of journalists, Chinese activists and military personnel. China strongly denied the allegation. They called it unacceptable saying the accusations about China causing such invasions have ulterior motives. Chinese Embassy spokesperson Wang Baodong said he can’t comment further than Beijing’s Foreign Ministry’s authoritative denial about the issue.

On May 21, Lockheed in a press statement said significant and tenacious attacks on their networks were detected and almost immediately took aggressive actions. They were able to protect systems and insured that no data was put at risk. Some people who have knowledge of the Lockheed invasion attempt said the hackers used stolen data to penetrate their networks. The data, stolen in March, lessens the security efficiency of SecureID tokens manufactured by EMC Corp and are used by many firms to allow remote computer network access to employees.



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