Friday, 9/12/2022 | 2:15 UTC+0

Bank Of Americas Documents to be Released, Assange says

Juian Assange founder of WikiLeaks, who previously said in 2009 that he had a hard drive from an executive of Bank of America corp., told Forbes magazine that his group will unfold documents from a U.S. bank next year.

Assange said in an interview with Computerworld magazine in Oct. 9, 2009, that they were in possession of 5GB data from one of the hard drives of a Bank of America executive. To be striking, it has to be easy for people to have easy access to data and get something out of it. On Nov. 11, Assange told Forbes in an interview that WikiLeaks plans to release tens or hundreds of thousands of documents depending on how it is defined but he did not give detail from which bank the documents came. He said, his group will release the documents early next year which would uncover “some flagrant violations, unethical practices.”

Assange group, is a nonprofit organization that releases information that businesses or governments want to keep secret or withhold confidential documents. The group began posting yesterday on its website some confidential, secret or unclassified U.S. embassy cables with dates ranging between December 1966 and February 2010. Reed Elsevier Plc’s Lexis-Nexis estimated the conversion of a 5GB capacity which can store about 323,900 pages of Microsoft Word documents or 500,500 pages of e-mails.

London attorney for WikiLeaks, Mark Stephens didn’t respond to a telephone request for a comment, the same with Scott Silvestri, spokesman for Bank of America who also declined to make a remark.



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