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  • Do We Need The State of The Union Anymore?

    Not to start too pessimistically, but let’s be honest with one another. The pomp and scale that surrounds Washington, D.C. is a skeleton of the past. That’s not meant to refer solely to the architecture, the fake-it-’till-you-make-it pretensions of a young country written in marble. It refers to much of the pageantry that we still

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  • Putin’s bold conspiracy theory

    RUSSIA’S economy is on the brink of major crisis, hit by the double-whammy of a plummeting oil price and crippling western sanctions. And it’s no accident. Many believe the US is in the midst of a secret war with Russia, and that the current crisis is all part of a plot to drive Russian economy

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  • What the oil collapse means

    THE price of oil has fallen by nearly half in just six months, a surprising and steep plunge that has consumers cheering, producers howling and economists wringing their hands over whether this is a good or bad thing. The price of a barrel of oil is just under $US58, down from a summer high of

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  • Despite Slow Growth, Chinese Economy Seen to Recoil

    China remains resilient despite slow growth weighed down by Beijing’s anti-inflation drive and low global demand. Urbanization continues and stronger domestic consumption is providing support. Thursday’s factory sector strength showed emboldened China bears. Cynics who foresee a sudden economic slowdown may have underestimated Beijing’s quick reaction in reviving growth in case needed. Inflation is seen

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  • If Unrest Hits Saudi Arabia, Oil May Jump To $200

    Despite concerns that hover over the finance industry, strong markets tend to remain calm. However, when it was hinted that unrest could reach Saudi Arabia, investors became worried. It is because any possibility of unrest hitting Saudi Arabia could spell major ruin. While the problem is yet to actually be seen, uncertainties have already caused

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  • Bill Limiting EPA Carbon Rules Introduced by Republicans

    A bill preventing the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating emissions said to be the cause of global warming was presented to Republicans of Congress’ chambers. The bill, Energy Tax Prevention Act, was introduced by House Energy and the Commerce Committee chairman Representative Fred Upton. Officials said any bill obstructing the agency from dealing with the

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  • Bank Of Americas Documents to be Released, Assange says

    Juian Assange founder of WikiLeaks, who previously said in 2009 that he had a hard drive from an executive of Bank of America corp., told Forbes magazine that his group will unfold documents from a U.S. bank next year. Assange said in an interview with Computerworld magazine in Oct. 9, 2009, that they were in

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