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  • Blockbuster bonus for Disney CEO

    DISNEY Chairman and CEO Robert Igers compensation jumped to $US43.7 million ($A53.12 million) in 2014 as the company had a blockbuster year. Igers pay package was up 27 per cent from 2013, when he received $US34.3 million ($A41.69 million) in compensation. The change came in the form of a larger bonus: $US22.8 million ($A27.71 million),

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  • Citigroup Finally Released From The Governments Cradle

    Citigroup Inc., after finally gaining its freedom from U.S. government support, may already compete for business. According to Michael Holland, Chairman of money manager Holland & Co., which is a stockholder of Citigroup said, CEO Vikram Pandit and his assistants had to have sighed in relief. They can now deal like a business rather than

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