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  • U.S. Suspects China of Hacking Lockheed Martin

    Both Lockheed and Google believe the recent attacks on each company respectively came from China. Cyber security experts in the U.S. said tracing the origin of attacks such as the one done to Lockheed Martin is difficult. Hackers have found sophisticated ways to cover their tracks. The attack made on Lockheed forced the company to

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  • Despite Slow Growth, Chinese Economy Seen to Recoil

    China remains resilient despite slow growth weighed down by Beijing’s anti-inflation drive and low global demand. Urbanization continues and stronger domestic consumption is providing support. Thursday’s factory sector strength showed emboldened China bears. Cynics who foresee a sudden economic slowdown may have underestimated Beijing’s quick reaction in reviving growth in case needed. Inflation is seen

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  • Bill Gates and Baidu to Build Their First Project Against Smokers

    Chairman Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp and Robin Li, CEO of China’s giant search engine Baidu, will join forces to form an alliance for public health. Their first project together under Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Baidu Charitable Foundation is to push for cessation of smoking habit among smokers. Bill Gates said the many

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