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  • Residential Solar Projects Sponsored by Google

    Google Inc will sponsor SolarCity’s $280 million residential solar power systems project that will install roof solar panels for thousands of homeowners. This will be Google’s largest single clean energy investment that will help people who don’t wish to dole out a large amount for a solar energy system. This also brings Google’s clean technology

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  • Citigroup Bank Card Data Hacked, Late to Notify Consumers

    It is hard to understand why the security breach wasnt disclosed to consumers affected, sooner. Citigroup Inc said names, account numbers and contact information of 200,000 North American bank card holders have been hacked. Discovered in May, this is the latest of a series of cyber attacks on major companies. But Citi assured that there

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  • Hacker Selling Government Websites For Under $500

    On Thursday, security vendor Imperva stumbled on a hacker’s offer in an underground forum in the black market of a U.S. Army’s Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) website for less than US$500. Imperva’s senior security strategist Noa Bar-Yosef said the hacker claims websites control that includes military, government and universities sites. The price: $33 to $499 depending

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  • Good Mobile-App Developer Sought by Google

    It was reported that Google is seeking mobile app developers for its Android OS as it keeps to brave rival Apple’s iOS and the trendy devices running on it. Google’s product management director Benjamin Ling is heading an effort to win-over software engineers, user interface specialists and product managers to join the Google team. Some

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